1. I'm laughing so hard rn. Doesn't ✌ in Britian mean the same as 🖕 in America? (I'm American so I have no clue but it's still funny)

  2. What certain students hate: failing the exam
    What I hate: writing something for an hour and people read it in a minute…

  3. I feel like this song would have being my anthem back on my high school emo face now I’m in college and I don’t feel like it’s my vibe anymore anyways it’s a pretty dope song hahahaha I’ll probably just start doing a mini concert along in my room feeling like a punk rock star with this song once in a while

  4. This song sounds so british grunge rock pop and just so fucking awsome, Dom is so talented and all of his songs have a real sens

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  6. no matter how many times i listen to this, i can never here “all my friends i’ll desert again” i always hear “all my friends are lizard again”

  7. Me fascinó el tema
    Acá dejo un cover de la banda de un amigo

  8. i love this song i saw it for the first time in taratata and it impressed me. its song its true and it remains simple. and the look is awesome. I LOVE it !! 💙💙💙

  9. You are so.. Waw. All this beauty in you.. I am literally blind now, thanks. 💕 A flower for your beautiful soul – – – – >

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